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Do you have the following problems in Internet marketing ?

What kind of website do you need

In the process of traditional enterprises' transition to the Internet, they face many opportunities and challenges, and will present many problems: such as positioning of the website, website planning, functional elements, design style, TDK and keyword optimization.

Shenzhen Beiyi

A website but little customer traffic

Traditional enterprises often completely ignore the needs of users, so it directly determines how much traffic the website gets. As a result, there is less demand for users to reach the crowd, which results in no traffic to the website.

Shenzhen Beiyi

Inaccurate promotion is difficult to reach users

Whether it is a product or a brand, the company needs to fully tap the potential users. The face of how to acquire these target users as accurate promotion targets is to effectively and strictly judge and explore the direction of online marketing promotion methods and scientific processes.

Shenzhen Beiyi
Shenzhen Beiyi

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Shenzhen Beiyi

Propagation path errors often take detours

Due to their incomplete understanding of Internet marketing, companies are often misled by some Internet companies, made wrong online marketing decisions, bought the wrong products, and used the wrong promotion methods.

Shenzhen Beiyi

No promotion channels lack effective resources

The common online marketing effects of enterprises cannot be broken. In fact, it is mainly because there are no better promotion channels and effective resources. Channels and resources must be expensive to buy, and the effect and management are uncontrollable.

Shenzhen Beiyi

Lack of integrated thinking in online marketing team

Enterprises do not have professional network marketing talents, do not know how to do a good job in network marketing planning, and do not know how to manage and guide the daily promotion of network promotion. Frequently, it is impossible to accurately reach high-quality users.


Our marketing strategy

Shenzhen Beiyi

Brand image packaging

Shenzhen Beiyi

Internet-wide screen marketing

Shenzhen Beiyi

Improve customer conversion

Shenzhen Beiyi

Dissemination of corporate information

Shenzhen Beiyi

Create precise traffic

What we can do for you

Fully enhance your brand image and quickly detonate your internet marketing

Website building

外贸型网站 营销型网站 电商型网站 点击了解更多信息 Brand website Foreign trade website Marketing website E-commerce website Click for more information

SEO optimization

SEO网站优化 站外SEO优化 SEM优化代管 点击了解更多信息 Key words fast ranking SEO website optimization offsite SEO optimization SEM optimization hosting Click for more information

Internet marketing

网络软文发布 网络品牌推广 网络口碑营销 点击了解更多信息 Internet domineering promotion, internet soft article release, internet brand promotion, internet word-of-mouth marketing, click for more information


公众号运营 视频创意制作 品牌全案设计 点击了解更多信息 Mini Program Development Public Account Operation Video Creative Production Brand Case Design Click for more information

We are good there

Make every effort to exceed customer expectations

Low operating costs

Unified management of one company, cost control of corporate communication

Shenzhen Beiyi

Overall data analysis

Overall monitoring of marketing system data for reasonable budget allocation

Shenzhen Beiyi

Low marketing costs

Integrated marketing, generating synergy effects across the entire network

Shenzhen Beiyi
Shenzhen Beiyi

Overall market analysis

Comprehensive analysis of industry, market, competing products and itself

Shenzhen Beiyi

Promotion strategy development

Analyze the perspectives that meet user preferences, and choose effective promotion channels for promotion

Shenzhen Beiyi

Clear goals

Clear positioning of corporate brand image and product marketing communications

Shenzhen Beiyi

About Beiyi

We are committed to creating integrated network services for small and medium enterprises at home and abroad

Shenzhen Beiyi Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a network service company specializing in providing website construction, whole-network marketing, online marketing promotion, online promotion, website optimization, website promotion, and entire site SEO optimization outsourcing services for domestic and foreign SMEs. Since its establishment, it has not only strived to improve itself with the positioning of a professional full-network marketing company, but also constantly strengthened the industry-wide network marketing promotion awareness training and enhanced practical experience to assist enterprises in achieving full-network marketing landing. Digital Ecology Platform ".
Has been providing high-quality website construction, website design, website promotion optimization, network promotion, SEO optimization, keyword promotion, website ranking optimization, site-wide SEO optimization, website page promotion, brand marketing, brand planning for various companies. , Shop decoration, product video shooting, video editing and other services. Shenzhen Beiyi Information has a professional technical team in the industry, including brand planning and design, network promotion, website construction, SEO optimization, e-commerce operation, video editing, and a 24-hour butler service team to provide one-stop services for enterprises.


Network promotion field


Software copyright


Professional consultant team


Large and small enterprises


Cooperation customer case

Our value-added after sales

Under the normal operation of the website, reduce the cost of the enterprise and save you money

Shenzhen Beiyi

Free filing

Free ICP domain name registration, Alibaba Cloud server support

Shenzhen Beiyi

Free modification

Responsible for the modification of website text and pictures

Shenzhen Beiyi

Information added

Website background add news, events, latest products

Shenzhen Beiyi

Garbage processing

Clean up, eliminate illegally inserted spam code and delete

Shenzhen Beiyi

Security check

Remove hacked Trojans and repair websites

Shenzhen Beiyi

Server troubleshooting

Responsible for issues such as domain name, space, server failure, etc.

Shenzhen Beiyi

Website backup

Regularly back up website production source code and database every month to provide security protection

Shenzhen Beiyi

Edit check

Belong to our system reason, resolve within one working day

They made Beiyi, Beiyi returned them wonderfully

Beiyi cherishes every trust, friendship and love we live up to

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Internet marketing diagnostics

Provide appropriate marketing diagnostics based on your market goals


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